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About Us

The team at Muscle Genesis is fascinated by all factors contributing to a peak physique.

Muscle Genesis flourished from a desire to combine science with supplementation and to eradicate some of the industry myths.  We have been working with people for over a decade to help them understand what supplements and training regime will work best for them to help achieve their goals.

It is getting you results which motivate us and as such we continue to offer an increasing range of supplement types and products that we believe work best. The team at Muscle Genesis understand your needs and desires as a supplement consumer because we are supplement consumers ourselves!

Muscle Genesis not only provides you with top quality products but we also provide them at prices you can afford. So take a good look at our online store, we are sure you will find it a valuable resource for a range of top quality supplements and advice.

Also, we understand that the supplements you take are really a part of your everyday purchase and critical to your diet to help you with achieving your goals.  So as a Muscle Genesis member you can now earn reward points for every purchase made with Muscle Genesis which you can redeem on your next purchase with us.  Find out more about our rewards program here.

Be sure to sign up for a free Muscle Genesis account so that you automatically become a member. As a Muscle Genesis member you will be able to immediately take advantage of a whole range of exclusive benefits. Find out more about our membership program here.

Good luck creating your peak physique!

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