Planning the office area is an incredibly challenging task. Design processes and safety/hygiene measures are not only becoming more complex due to COVID-19, but companies are also evolving their tastes according to their functions and operations. 

The interior designers use their knowledge and imagination to fulfill the business’s ever-evolving needs whilst simultaneously preserving a creative brand environment for innovation, further stimulating productivity levels. Office spaces must be designed in a way to optimize efficiency and coherence. With interior design ideas trending all over the world, and also the importance of meeting business requirements, we are here to share some ideas for making your workplace more productive and practical. 


By creating a human-centric environment in support of creativity and efficiency of work, the trend of having sustainable office spaces is implemented by numerous high-end brands. In 2020, the majority of workplaces will be infusing their space with ‘warmth’ included in the design brief instead of the last year’s trend colours of white and greys. 

Various companies are also trying to be environment friendly and are focusing on sustainable materials that are healthier and ecologically good for the environment. This means the designs of office spaces will be created with the main focus on using recycled materials or products that are minimally processed. Trends of having green spaces and natural lighting will be the main focus of new interior office fit-outs and workplace design.


As we all know, the year 2020 was full of natural disasters and virus pandemic outbreaks. The growing pollution and other environmental issues are a significant concern for the entire world at the moment. Biophilia (essentially meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. Therefore, encouraging us all to have a connection to the natural world. As a result, including biophilia is a new trend incorporated in office fit-out design.

Maintaining a balanced relationship between nature and the development of society is also incredibly beneficial for your mental health. The office spaces must be created with the mindset of maintaining a sustainable balance between the use of natural resources as well as new tech advances. 

Infusion of workspaces with creative utilizations of plants and hanging gardens can help us to make the office space modern as well as environment friendly. Moreover, the use of natural timber or bras can also create a very contemporary yet chic look for your office space as it will create a welcoming and warm environment. 


As the work-from-home style of work is trending all over the world, people are getting habitual with a workspace that is comfortable and warm. Once this lockdown situation is over and our routine and busy work schedules resume, people might face some issues working in the corporate environment again. 

However, if organisations ensure space provides warmth and an at-home feeling, this will mean a welcoming approach back into reality for employees. Accessories such as throw cushions, area rugs, coffee tables, potted plants, etc are trending worldwide. The main idea behind this trend is to create an office place that is both relaxed and comfortable for the employees, as well as clients. An office space that provides a positive and at home aura encourages the employees to work more efficiently. Moreover, a warming reception fitout also attracts clients and those who are more likely to remain loyal to the brand.