As lockdown circumstances have put everyone indoors, households are turning to online shopping for new furniture to make life at home a little more exciting. People are rearranging furniture around, redecorating, or transforming one side of the house into a home office. Keeping in mind that a piece of furniture can instantly change the style of the theme of a room, here are some funky chair trends that are making a name in 2021. 

  • Furniture with acrylic partition/Screen dividers

Without a doubt, many commercial spaces have had to put up barriers to ensure the safety of customers, diners, bankers, and so on. As for commercial furniture, designs around this core idea are trending. Sooner or later, it will be as extensive as having designed office furniture and school desks for classroom settings to conform to the new ‘COVID normal’. Incorporating safety and style into furniture will continue to be something that is normalised. Desk Chairs with plastic screening or circular pod chairs will fill schools and universities. 

  • Furniture made of Sustainable Materials

There’s a rising preference for products made of recycled materials and also for those that can be recycled all over again as it reaches its end-life. With generations becoming more environmentally-friendly, furniture and interior designers are keeping up. Contemporary designs with geometric outlook usually compliment organic materials such as rattan, bamboo, and salvaged wood. For those who like some rustic appeal, pick pieces that reflect nature shaped into something fluid. A massive 80 percent of plastic toys end up in landfills, waste incinerators, or even the ocean. Many brands now collect playthings and recycle them into some very cute nontoxic chairs for children. 

  • Patterned to Men’s Underwear

Believe it or not, this particular look is becoming popular because of the ‘funky vibe’ it gives a room. Think classic neutral palette hues combined with subtle patterns and leather on a rhythm chair. It gives way to something industrial, masculine, sturdy, and steady. All of these combined can give a room an instant texture like no other, providing a sense of serenity while exuding fun… Consider it playful. 

  • Jungle Patterned

Some may find jungle patterns a little too much, but ultimately it’s eye-catching to see furniture with patterns inspired by nature. While this may be considered a bold decision, what is there to lose? Something like a home office chair but Zebra-Print, offering not just comfort but also an invisible boost to your confidence, getting you in a creative and inspired frame of mind before you get to work. This is ideal to do in an office as you will feel like a wild-spirited warrior… ready to take on the world!

  • Multi-functional Ones

People became open to the idea of a minimalist lifestyle and, while they go for minimal furniture, multi-functional ones are designed to serve the very purpose of not having too much. As ironic as it may sound, many households adopt this method of tucking away things, but in furniture. Serving as storages and seats-in-1 may also be considered as a footrest. Space can be more utilized, especially for those in small apartments. 

Furniture designs are now focusing on how to combine sustainability and purpose. As for how it could get funky, it would depend on the combination of colours, the shape that conforms to storage compatibility, and final touches.