There are two crucial choices you will need to make when you embark on a construction project. The choice of the builder is most likely the most critical, but running a close second is finding the person who will make the plan and prepare the detailed drawings for your builder to work from. Given that a great designer will know where to get the best builders, and will be among the first people you employ at the start of your job, it might be well worth placing careful thought to who plays this essential function.

Although they’re best known for design flair, architects provide a broad assortment of services. Most are pleased to provide as little or much help as their clients need. A family building a large one-off home will benefit from the complete service because it’s not possible to find reliable fixed quotes from builders. Additionally, a new home usually needs certification before the bank or lender will release the money to fund it, which can be supplied by an architect.

Some projects are extremely simple and straightforward enough for a resourceful person with basic drawing skills and a great CAD package to tackle the design work. Alternately, using another-qualified professional with less design experience, like a surveyor or engineer may save unnecessary expense.

Architects come in several shapes, sizes and tastes. If you’re not sure if an architect will be ideal for your project, it’s well worth searching out a few and speaking to them about your job.