When it comes to working out the best decking oil for Merbau timber, you need to think about a few things first. 

Merbau decking timber is a hardwood timber that is already darkened. If your deck is receiving the first treatment, you might want to consider going with a natural pigment oil for a light oak.

You don’t want to make the mistake of going with a darker pigment oil from the start as you then won’t be able to go to a lighter shade. The good thing with starting light is that you can always go darker.

 For decking, it is recommended to use light oak/natural with a touch of Jarrah; this is due to the minimal use of pigments that help to prevent the darkening of your timber. Having a good decking stain will help to showcase the timber while you get a strong UV protection for the wood.

 Having said that, there is still no right or wrong colour to choose, and you may want to experiment with a few pot samples of decking stain to see which you like best.

Merbau Decking Stain

If you don’t know what type of decking stain is best for working with Merbau timber, then give the professionals a call and remember to consider certain things such as, is the decking out in the elements and exposed? Is the decking exposed to high traffic? Do you have a budget?

Water or oil-based stain?

This is a common question for people to ask when they want to stain decking. It is recommended to always use a 100% water-based stain for your decking due to several reasons: water-based washes up easily with water, has a quick drying time, no fumes, and gives a better overall finish.

What if your decking is 5- 10 years old with many previous stains?

If you have a deck that has varied timber conditions due to being exposed to the elements, it is best to sand back the decking first before you put another coat on it. This will ensure that you have a more smooth and even finish. If you are on a tight budget, then go for a stain that has a darker pigment, so then you can hide the different areas and imperfections.

Do I need to maintain my deck?

Yes, it is important that you clean your deck quarterly with a high-pressure washer. For this, you’ll need a basic pressure washer, not a huge massive industrial one, as it will cause more damage than good. A pressure washer with 1000 PSI is a good option to look for.

Before you go ahead and apply decking stain to Merbau timber, ensure that you give the decking a good wash with an Oxalic Acid first. This can be bought from your local hardware store. A tough broom will do the job. Leave it on for around fifteen minutes to work its magic, then hose down.

Drying time

Merbau decking stain needs time to dry from being washed around 24 hours before adding the stain. Once you add the stain, you need to allow for another 24 hours before you can walk on it.

It is a good idea to rotate furniture and pots, which will help to reduce the tan lines that can appear in spots with uneven UV exposure.