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Your shopping experience with Muscle Genesis is very important to us. So you can rest assured that when you shop at Muscle Genesis that we are going to look after you! Here is just some of the feedback we have been receiving from customers that have shopped with Muscle Genesis:

Testimonial by Vinh N - "The best on-line shopping website I've ever come across. The customer service is brilliant and friendly, great products and fast delivery. Well done everyone at Muscle Genesis."

Testimonial by Mark D – “Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter and for keeping me informed... You guys are obviously keen to keep the customer happy... thanks.”

Testimonial by Big Maxy – “I ordered 2 x 2lb Dymatize Elite. Arrived in just 2 days to Regional Australia via Courier yes. I've been impressed with the service and will likely order again. Overall yes smiley.”

Testimonial by P Sobic – “Muscle Genesis has provided a great service to me and others I know, they offer quick delivery time and prompt email responses. Michael of Muscle Genesis has educated me further in my bodybuilding venture, offering solid advice that assisted me in overcoming my injuries, and gaining a lot of muscle mass. Many other supplement stores spit out a lot of garbage just to sell you a product, from my unfortunate experience and dollars wasted, I can guarantee you Muscle Genesis only sells top quality products.”

Testimonial by Ian H – “Can’t speak highly enough of my experiences with Muscle Genesis. They exceeded my expectation in every way. The service was prompt, the packaging was excellent (enough so that my wife said she thought it was too well packed), they even rang me to confirm details. Best of all they are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to dealing with Muscle Genesis again. So again, 'Thanks guys'.”

Testimonial by Justin O – “Since joining Muscle Genesis in 2004 I have received the very best of service in regards to any enquiry/order that I have placed with them, if there has been a problem, and lets face it which company is immune to this? It has been handled in a professional and timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Muscle Genesis as a reliable and value for money service to anyone with fitness as their ultimate goal in life, having been in the industry for more than 16 years it is refreshing to find a non face-to-face company that cares what the customer wants. All too often this industry can become an area of scepticism from less than honest parties, continue with the good work Muscle Genesis!!”

Testimonial by Daniel C – “Thank you for your support and helpful information on what would best help me achieve my goals. It is good to see that there is a business like Muscle Genesis that is prepared to work so hard, that has the passion to help people achieve what they want to achieve, not just sell product and move on. The products are firstly the best you can buy at great prices and what I think is important they taste great too, with water or milk. I've been using the basics and starting off slow as Michael suggested, as a professional Industrial Designer I was always taught the "KISS" method (keep it simple stupid). By doing this I'm getting a good understanding of what my body is doing and how it is reacting to the products. Keep up the great work!!!”

Testimonial by Anthony A – “I was three years at the gym before I started speaking to Muscle Genesis. I couldn't gain any muscle but as soon as started talking them they advised me on what supplements are best for me given my training etc. They also advised me on dieting and also training programs. I've seen more results in just six months then I saw in the entire three years before. So your advice has just been excellent for me.”

Testimonial by Adam T – “Thank you and your team for the great service. Looking forward to my next order with you guys.”

Testimonial by Travis Z – “Thanks for the speedy service!!”

Testimonial by Brett H – “Quality of gloves very high. Can't wait to start training with everything. Very good service and great prices. Thanks!”

Testimonial by Mike T – “Just a note to say thanks for the great service and advice! The advice is what I really appreciate being a novice in past I took supplements but didn't get the results. I followed your detailed advice on my plan to get fit, lose body fat, increase libido and improve how I felt after a workout. I have to say I'm really happy with results and the ongoing advice. Thanks!”

Testimonial by Zac – “I just wanted to say thanks for your great service. I received delivery of my order today. And also thanks for the sample of strawberry powder!”

Testimonial by Nate – “Hey thanks that is great service! Most companies wouldn't update like that it just goes to show that you are really customer focused which is a rare quality these days.”

Testimonial by Mark R – “Many thanks for your prompt service, it is so hard to find a company like yours that helps its customers and then keeps them informed of what’s happening to their order. You guys rate 10 out of 10 with me, I can’t recommend your company enough. Keep up the good work.”

Testimonial by Phil B – “Hi Guys, thanks for taking the time to send such a comprehensive reply to my question! The service you Muscle Genesis guys provide is awesome!! I will be in touch shortly with an order....”

We welcome all feedback at Muscle Genesis. So if you would like to tell us about your shopping experience with Muscle Genesis please email us at

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