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Reward Points

Introducing reward points

The team at Muscle Genesis understands that the supplements you take are really a part of your everyday purchases and critical to your diet to help you with achieving your goals.

So now, Muscle Genesis members (and only Muscle Genesis members) can also be a part of the rewards program for these everyday purchases.  By being a part of the rewards program you can turn your everyday shopping at Muscle Genesis into a world of extra rewards and special offers. Essentially, reward points which you can turn into money for discounts on future purchases or apply towards other special offers. 

Muscle Genesis is taking yet another step to ensure you are rewarded just for shopping as you normally do!  What’s more, it is completely free to join and to enjoy the benefits all you have to do is continue to shop with Muscle Genesis. 

Reward points when you join as a Muscle Genesis member

There are many benefits which are exclusive to Muscle Genesis members. Find out more about our membership program here. But for just electing to join Muscle Genesis as a member you will automatically receive 10 reward points.  All it takes is to create an account when you shop at our online store – quick and easy. 

Rewards points on every product you purchase

As a part of the rewards program you'll receive at least 1 reward point for every dollar you spend on a product when you shop at Muscle Genesis.  On certain products and as well as part of our promotions, you can earn extra reward points for purchases. So keep a lookout for these extra reward points when you shop with us.

Reward points on your friend’s first purchase

At Muscle Genesis, we like to say thank you for telling your friends about our store. We like to say thank you by giving you 15 reward points when friends you have introduced to Muscle Genesis using our invitation portal create an account and then complete their first purchase. So be sure to tell all your friends about Muscle Genesis using our invitation portal (and make sure you are logged into your account so you don't miss out on the reward points). 

Also, we often run promotions offering our members bonus reward points when your friends who complete their first purchase are invited by you during a limited promotion period. So be sure to keep a look out for these promotions when you tell your friends about Muscle Genesis.  

Reward points for subscribing to news & offers

Muscle Genesis is always looking for new ways to help customers save more. So it is important that you subscribe to our news & offers so that you are aware of the genuine specials and promotions which are on offer for limited periods.

But for just electing to subscribe to our news & offers you will automatically receive 25 reward points.  All it takes is to tick the box confirming you want to subscribe to news & offers when you create an account on our online store. You can also subscribe to our news & offers at a later stage by providing us with your name and email address on our home page in the subscription section. 

Reward Points on approved product reviews

We want to make sure that you are purchasing only top quality supplements when you shop with Muscle Genesis.  One of the best ways for us to ensure we are achieving this goal is by getting your feedback on products you purchase through our online store.

Your feedback is important to Muscle Genesis – so much so that you will receive 15 reward points every time you leave an approved product review. But remember, you can only provide us with feedback on products that you have actually purchased on our online store. Also, we often run promotions offering our members bonus reward points when approved product reviews are received during a limited promotion period. So be sure to keep a look out for these promotions.

Bonus reward points on your birthday

When you create an account with Muscle Genesis we ask you for your date of birth. One of the main reasons for this is so that we can allocate bonus reward points for you when you complete a purchase on your birthday.  These bonus reward points are on top of the reward points that come with the products you purchase on your birthday. 

The bonus reward points we offer do vary from time to time but in order to receive these bonus reward points there is no minimum spend requirement! 

At the moment you will receive 50 bonus reward points when you complete a purchase on your birthday.

Reward points never expire

Every time you access your account through our online store you will see the total reward points you have accumulated to date. At Muscle Genesis these rewards points you have earned will never expire. This means you can save your reward points or redeem them as you go - the choice is yours.

Please note that Muscle Genesis reserves the right to amend, vary or terminate any or all parts of the rewards program, including, without limitation, alter or revoke any or all reward points status, rewards program benefits or privileges or any other matter related to the rewards program without any prior notice and when it deems in its absolute discretion fit to do so.


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