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Muscle Genesis – Whey Protein 80+ WPI/WPC Protein Powder Blend

Just scoop, shake and serve. Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ is suitable for anyone wishing to increase or supplement their diet with quality protein. Use Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ as an easy means of obtaining the additional protein you need to meet your daily protein intake.

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Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ is a blend of high quality New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate, providing 80% protein per serve. Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ utilises a gentle filtration process to ensure maximum retention of all six biologically important whey protein factors; lactoglobulin, lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, immunoglobulin and the minor proteins lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. Both lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase are known as bioactive proteins, and have become a topic of interest in sports nutrition due to their enhancement of iron transport, antioxidant action and their emerging role in immune stimulation. The gentle filtration process and the use of a WPI/WPC blend, ensures that Whey Protein 80+ contains large intact amounts of these important sub-fractions.

The WPI/WPC blend of Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ including the predigested di-tri-oligo and poly peptides, has a fast to medium absorption profile that will provide an initial large flux followed by a more slowly declining flux of amino acids into the system over a 4 hour period. Couple this with the high branch chain amino acid (BCAA) content of Whey Protein 80+ makes it great for post training and use throughout the day.

Whey Protein 80+ is instantised for easy mixing and comes in 3 great flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Choc-mint!

As a dietary supplement, take 2 scoops of Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+, 1 to 3 serves daily depending on your bodyweight, metabolic status, workout program, diet and recovery needs.

Recommended priority of servings:

(1) Post training (0.5g of protein per kg of body weight)

(2) Breakfast

(3) Before Bed

(4) Before training

(i.e. if you intend to take only 2 servings per day, then these two serving would be taken post training and for breakfast)

Taking Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ with milk will provide you with additional slow releasing protein, which will help maintain amino acid levels, especially during the night (i.e. shake before bed). However, if dieting, you may choose to use water to keep overall calories down while still obtaining high quality protein.

After a training session, blood sugar levels and insulin are low. Too many individuals consume post-training shakes consisting of protein only. In these conditions the ingested protein will be predominantly directed towards oxidative pathways (restoring blood sugar and energy) not muscle growth. To avoid this and get the protein directed towards muscle repair and growth, it is recommended that you mix Muscle Genesis Just Carbs into your post training shake. By replenishing glycogen stores and spiking insulin, Muscle Genesis Just Carbs not only prevents the protein in Muscle Genesis Whey Protein 80+ from being oxidised for energy, but it actually helps direct it towards protein synthesis and muscle repair and growth.

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Joel H

Star Star Star Star Star

Choc Mint has an awesome taste, mixes great with water and milk. Couldn’t ask for a better protein powder with a great price. I will definitely be shopping with MG again. Cheers

Maxwell D

Star Star Star Star Star

Muscle Genesis products are great. They arrived in a short time after a bank deposit. Upon inspecting the products the protein has been found to mix well, best when mixed in a shaker with water already inside and tastes best with a high powder to water ratio. Have only just started on them, but will update with results. Cheers MG.

Alec L

Star Star Star Star Star

I would like to say thanks for the fast delivery gents thumbs up 100%. I have tried all types of powders pills and so on but the whey protein 80+ is spot on taste great and mixes well with no lumps i also love the hints of mint that is in the mix please don’t change it I have been sold with muscle genesis and will do all my buying form MG full stop. Keep up the top work gents

Brett H

Star Star Star Star Star

I used to use 'Gen-Tec Macro Whey' then 'MG' brought out there 80+ protein and I haven't looked back since. It's a great product with real results at the gym. It mixes really well with less froth than others. Great price for what you get :-) The choc-mint really tastes great!

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