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CNP Professional – Pro-MR – Meal Replacement

The only protein powder in sports nutrition (patent pending) where the protein base has been cultured with probiotic (health assisting) organisms. 42 grams of protein per serving.

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Pro-MR is more than a standard, high protein meal replacer. Pro-MR is a comprehensive nutritional strategy for all high intensity training athletes. Bodies exposed to high stress situations, such as bodybuilders and other athletes undergoing heavy training sessions, experience a greater need for high quality proteins and certain micro-nutrients. The problem for these athletes is how to make sure that the required nutrients are being supplied to the regenerating body in order to maximize lean tissue growth. Pro-MR has been formulated to add convenience to the heavy training schedules of hard working athletes. Pro-MR contains a proprietary anit-catabolic blend of ingredients specifically designed to provide the proteins and micro-nutrients that a rebuilding body needs. Pro-MR contains 42 grams of the highest quality protein. These protein sources have been specially selected to provide the highest possible quantities of bioactive peptides, trace micro-nutrient enzymes, and biologically important milk and whey protein fractions to help enhance your immune system, to help speed recovery after heavy training sessions, and to help you regenerate lean tissue faster.

Pro-MR is a nutrient dense, finely balanced matrix of functional ingredients. It is manufactured from the finest ingredients to contain all of the nutrients necessary to support your efforts to build a better shaped body. The whey protein in Pro-MR is custom made to maximize delivery of amino acids, peptides, and bioactive fractions to help support your body’s defense against illness and infection... and good health is essential in maintaining an anabolic lifestyle. Pro-MR is loaded with viable, probiotic organisms to help keep your intestinal tract functioning at peak efficiency. Healthier intestines absorb proteins better and help to improve one’s overall health. CNP Professional even add “prebiotic” Fructo-oligo-saccharide to Pro-MR to feed the bifidus, acidophilus, and yogurt organisms so that they, in turn, can help to improve your health.

The ingredients in Pro-MR have been selected to help your body to better incorporate nutrients before, during, and after intense exercise. Pro-MR is complete nutrition with the highest quality proteins, micro-nutrients, naturally occurring and anti-catabolic enzymes, growth enhancing fatty acids, health enhancing carbohydrates, and all of the vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs to recover, repair and grow lean tissue after each training session. 

It is the only protein powder in sports nutrition (patent pending) where the protein base has been cultured with probiotic (health assisting) organisms. These organisms are live and can assist with improved digestion and utilization of consumed nutrients by improving the overall health of intestines. Healthy intestines produce better health.

Contains 10 grams of added peptide bonded glutamine per serving. Peptide bonded glutamine absorbs more efficiently than l-glutamine. Glutamine is an essential supplement for hard training athletes.

Optimum blend of fast and slow digesting proteins. The blend has been specifically engineered to approximate the balance of fast and slow proteins found in human mother’s milk. The first proven powder on the market to utilize such a ratio.

Contains real micellar structured casein.  Not the phony micellar caseins claimed on ingredients statements as “micellar alpha and beta caseins and caseinates”. Real micellar casein is the only protein shown to be anti-catabolic in studies.

The only protein powder in sports nutrition to utilize a native (non-processed) whey protein).  All of the others are manufactured from cheese whey. The CNP Professional native whey protein comes direct from skim milk and is processed at colder temperatures to avoid destruction of bioactive factions.

Native whey protein is significantly higher in the anabolic bioactive protein fractions than cheese whey proteins.  The CNP Professional native protein is only found elsewhere for medical applications. Native whey protein is the form of whey protein shown in studies to improve metabolic functions better than cheese whey proteins.

Since CNP Professional developed its protein blend, many others have copied CNP Professional with similar claims. However, they do not use native whey proteins and probiotic organisms. 

As a dietary supplement, for a rich, delicious shake, combine contents of one envelope with 16 ounces of cold water and thoroughly mix in a blender for 60 seconds. Consume two to three servings daily.

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