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Muscle Genesis aims to bring the best quality supplements to its customers at affordable prices.

On top of our members’ only prices on all our products (starting at 7.5% discount on all products) and our rewards program, Muscle Genesis also issues promotions and coupon codes to its customers. 

When you create an account with Muscle Genesis (and become a member) or subscribe to our news and offers you will receive exclusive promotion codes and coupons which offer further discounts so that you save more than ever before! 

The promotion codes and coupons will be circulated around once a month and will include a huge range of benefits, from exclusive delivery promotions on purchases, further discounts on individual products and bulk purchases to free products and more ways you can receive extra reward points!  The range of promotions you receive will depend on how often you shop at Muscle Genesis with frequent customers having access to the best promotions.

We believe in looking after our customers so this is just another way we here at Muscle Genesis make sure you are taken care of. So if you are not already a Muscle Genesis member, then simply create an account with Muscle Genesis. If you have not subscribed to our news and offers, you can do so by providing us with your name and email address on our home page in the subscription section.

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