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CNP Professional – Pro-GF Growth Formula

There is no other product like it on the market. Through science and research, a radical new anabolic stimulant has been developed. Pro GF is designed for the elite athlete to assist in producing better quality workouts and to help sculpt a larger, leaner, and stronger physique through its unique glutamine preservation action.

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Pro GF contains a patent pending blend of amino acids, lactic acid buffers, glucose and vitamins that will assist performance and recovery like no other. Pro GF helps to move water to your muscle tissue, promoting fuller, more explosive muscles. As part of a sound exercise and diet protocol, ProGF cold push your recuperative abilities to a new level.

Pro GF is a synergistic blend of the ingredients that will help to produce larger and stronger muscles when combined with regular exercise and weight training. Pro GF contains a unique, specific ratio blend of amino acids that have all been shown to have a volume increasing and osmotic effect on muscle cells.

Peptide Bonded Glutamine boosts anabolism, improves health and digestion. Carnosyn® beta-Alanine delays the onset of muscle fatigue, train more intensely, recover faster, gain more lean tissue. Creatine in a safe dose of only 5 grams per serving, the amount that original studies showed to be effective. All of it delivered as creatine to the blood stream – not creatinine as with the popular brands. Arginine – nitric oxide generating, anti-catabolic. Decreases tissue re-growth times. Can be used by the body to manufacture ornithine. Ornithine stimulates human growth hormone. Glycine draws water to muscle tissue. Also is a precursor for glutathione – much needed by stressed athletes. Cysteine – the rarest amino acids. The limiting factor in glutathione production, much needed by hard training athletes. Taurine – osmotic…osmoregulation. Leucine, a SBCAA, assists in body fat loss. Effective at preventing muscle wasting. Vitamin B6 amplifies the function of many amino acids in the body especially cysteine and arginine. Has been shown to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin, thereby improving athletic performance. Also is an important precursor in the body for the manufacture of carnitine – burns stored fat and reduces lactic acid build up in muscle during exercise. More effective than supplementing with l-carnitine. Glucose, used to stimulate production of a small amount of insulin in order to direct/transport amnio acids to muscle tissue.

In just weeks after you begin consuming Pro GF, the results will be easy to see and feel. Your muscles will feel more pumped, you will notice the improved quality of your workouts, and your recovery time will reach an enhanced new level.

As a dietary supplement, add one scoop to at least 16 ounces of cold water. Use once daily. Works best when consumed on an empty stomach. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

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